Buy CytoCare 516 ( 5 x 5ml )



•5ml x 5 vials prefilled bottle


Buy CytoCare 516 ( 5 x 5ml )

Buy CytoCare 516 injection online wholesale. CytoCare 516 creates a healthy complexion, a significant increase in turgor and hydration of the skin, reduction of appearance of wrinkles. The formula combines CT50 rejuvenating complex and hyaluronic acid.

CytoCare 516 gives the skin hydration, antioxidant and protective effects and prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles.

CytoCare 516 contains active ingredients which includes hyaluronic acid, microelement and multivitamin complex, all 20 essential amino acids, thymidine, putrescine, lipoic acid that can help patient to satisfy their skin’s needs.

Benefits of CytoCare 516

•Treatment areas: middle dermis or superficial dermis of the face or the neck
•Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
•Hydration of the skin
•Antioxidant and protective effects
•Prevents the appearance of first wrinkles
•Increases tonicity and elasticity
•Improves radiance


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