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Buy Aqualyx 10 Vials Filler Online

Buy Aqualyx 10 Vials Filler Online Wholesale. AQUALYX is an innovative lipolytic that dissolves and removes fat cells from the body.

The main active ingredient of AQUALYX is sodium deoxycholate. A completely biocompatible salt of deoxycholic acid, which in our body is regularly produced by the liver. However, the new technique has significant differences:

A special gel-like structure of the agent allows be more accurate dividing subcutaneous fat. This not only helps to achieve a more positive result, but also reduces the risk of unwanted side effects

If you have any questions about the procedure, ingredients of AQUALYX or shipment – specialists of EuroMex internet shop are happy to help you! We offer AQUALYX at affordable price to buy it online.


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