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Buy Alidya 340mg 5 vials

Buy Alidya 340mg 5 vials online wholesale. ALIDYA is the only mesotherapy agent in the world registered as a tool against cellulite. The drug eliminates not only outcomes of gynoid lipodystrophy, but also its causes.

Avoidance of appearance of cellulite is possible with the help of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercises. But in this case lipodystrophy has already appeared only a specialist will help. In addition to massages, wraps, hardware techniques, there is another effective way to get rid of such a problem – mesotherapy.

The ALIDYA agent is available in the form of powder in vials, ampoules contain a solvent.

The results of the procedures are following:

Lymph flow normalization, improvement of microcirculation in the corrected zone
Restoration of intercellular matrix composition, normalization of functions of cells of subcutaneous fat
Strengthening the oxygen supply of the epidermis
Acceleration of metabolism in tissues and, as a result, active dissolution and excretion of the products of cell vital activity
Normalization of the pH of the dermis
Alignment of relief, increase of skin tone
Correction of the volume of problem areas

ALIDYA mesococktail eliminates gynoid lipodystrophy and flabbiness of the skin at any stage.  Injections are most effective at the early stages. The product is also suitable for the treatment of lipedema – the pathological accumulation of fat under the skin of the lower limbs.


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