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Silhouette Soft 16 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs


Silhouette Soft 16 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs

Buy Silhouette Soft 16 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs Onlne Wholesale. SILHOUETTE SOFT 16 CONES are absorbable yarns based on polylactic acid. They are designe to carry out non-surgical braces. These threads are used in the following cases:

sagging in the face (chin, cheekbones, cheeks, eyebrows)
sagging the body (breasts, buttocks, inner thighs, abdomen)
operating with deep wrinkles and lines on the face folds in the nasolabial area
improving decreased neck skin elasticity.

The method gives a quick visible result due to a local increase in the volume of tissues, a sufficiently strong subcutaneous reinforcement, the carcass, which corrects the sagging of the skin, and model the face oval. SILHOUETTE SOFT 16 CONES threads are provides the effect of even lifting without traces of contouring.


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