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Silhouette Soft 12 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs


Silhouette Soft 12 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs

Silhouette Soft 12 Cones 2 Sutures 5 Packs Online Wholesale. Its development is based on six years of experience in the use of SILHOUETTE LIFT polypropylene yarns in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Skin rejuvenation occurs as a result of pulling the thread. This method of suspenders is the latest and most advanced procedure for facial lifting. This little procedure, using SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES, represents a real technological victory over old threads with notches.

SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES are for surgeons. Including maxillofacial, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.  Also for cosmetologists, dermatocosmetologists and dermatovenereologists trained in this technology.

SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES is a very thin thread, that serves to tighten the skin tissue with the help of small absorbable cones. This allows lifting manipulations and returning to the starting positions sagging tissues.

SILHOUETTE SOFT 12 CONES can be applied on:
décolleté area
inner thighs

In addition, this method is ideal for those women and men who are anesthetized. Or simply do not want to use the services of a plastic surgeon, and want to look younger without a prolonged postoperative recovery.


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