Coolsculpting machines For Sale




Coolsculpting machines For Sale

Coolsculpting machines For Sale Online. Manufactured by Allergen, it is in excellent condition and is only 17 months old.

Cool advantage

Suitable for abdomen, flanks, inner thighs

Treatment time almost half compared to the original applicators.

Cool advantage plus

Suitable for debulking larger treatment areas

Cool pettie

A solution for upper arms

Cool mini 

Suitable for small areas of fat, including the submentum

Cool Smooth Pro

Features a comfortable flat applicator design. Coolsculpting machines For Sale. Worldwide shipping.
Suitable for non-pinchable fat, such as outer thighs and also for small areas of fat, including the submentum.
Patients who have a CoolSculpting treatment for fat reduction have a specially designed cooling applicator applied to the desired area of fat reduction.
CoolSculpting selectively damages subcutaneous fatty tissue while preserving the skin and surrounding tissues.
The procedure is convenient for most patients with no needles.
There is minimal expected downtime after CoolSculpting.
CoolSculpting has shown 27% reduction of fat in the abdomen after 6 months
Coolsculpting has been shown statistically significant fat reduction across multiple area


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