Buy Suplasyn 1-Shot 1 x 60mg/6ml


Suplasyn is a solution of sodium hyaluronate and it is produced by bio-fermentation.


Buy Suplasyn 1-Shot 1 x 60mg/6ml

Buy Suplasyn 1-Shot Online Wholesale. SUPLASYN 1-Shot Sterile Natrium-Hyaluronat-Losung 60mg/6ml. Suplasyn is a sterile solution of highly purified sodium hyaluronate (Na-HA or hyaluronan).

Sterilized by aseptic filtration.It contains non-avian, not cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Available in over 30 countries and benefits from experience of over 10 years and millions of injections.

The treatment may consist of a single injection (SUPLASYN 1-Shot, for large joints) or repeated injections, usually 3, at weekly intervals (SUPLASYN and SUPLASYN m.d.).

As for any medical treatment, only a qualified medical professional will be able to tell you if Suplasyn represents a good treatment option for you. Suplasyn relieves pain and improve joint function in patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis (1-6).


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