Buy Revanesse Pure Filler 2 x 1ml


Size 2X1ml
Licensed Product No
Registration Required No
Country Origin This product is of European origin


Buy Revanesse Pure Filler 2 x 1ml

Buy Revanesse Pure Filler Online Wholesale. Revanesse filler is a colourless, odourless, transparent and aqueous gel of synthetic origin. The gel comes in a pre-filled disposable syringe.


Revanesse Pure Dermal Filler is a unique non-crosslink hyaluronic acid gel. It injects into the superficial dermis and is to rehydrate the skin in the face, neck, hands and decolletage. The skin is left hydrated and over time, skin elasticity is restored and the skin appears firmer, healthier and younger.

Benefits of Revanesse Pure
Rehydrates the skin
Restores skin elasticity
Firmer, healthier and younger looking skin
Increases lost depressed volume

2 x 1ml prefilled single used syringe
4 x 30G ½’’ needles
Instruction leaflet


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