Buy Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg


2,000mg Formula- Sterile Vials:
– 1500mg L-Glutathione for maximum skin whitening
– 500mg of Vitamin C


Buy Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg

Buy Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg online. Glutathione & Vitamin C – NO BOOSTER. The most advanced glutathione formula available today combining a high dose glutathione and vitamin C. Relumins is the #1 choice of spas and skin clinics around the world.

Contains 1500mg of Reduced L-Glutathione per vial, more than any other Sterile Formula
Contains 500mg of Vitamin C to aid whitening and naturally Firm and rejuvenate Skin
RELUMINS ADVANCED by Relumins Labs, USA is the Most Sought After Brand of Glutathione
Proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies
2,000mg Formula
– 1500mg Reduced L-Glutathione for maximum skin whitening
– 500mg of Vitamin C
Competitively inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase and L-DOPA by interrupting L-DOPA’s ability to bind to tyrosinase during melanin synthesis.
Oral Administration:
Mix the Vitamin C/Saline Solution (5ml) with the Glutathione Powder.
Draw out ¼ of the solution (approx. 1.25ml) and administer orally
Repeat morning and evening for 2 days
Wait 1 to 2 days and begin again
Take 1 Glutathione Booster Capsule Daily
Treatment results are evaluated every 3 months
Transition to maintenance once desired skin tone is reached
Maintenance Protocol Oral Glutathione:
• Daily Oral administration of 800mg Glutathione with boosters


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