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Buy Pluryal Meso I Filler (3 x 5ml)


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Buy Pluryal Meso I Filler (3 x 5ml)

Buy Pluryal Meso I Filler Online Wholesale. Pluryal Meso I’s amino acid complex makes skin feel regenerated and youthful. Pluryal dermal fillers are a new generation of anti-wrinkle gels and volumisers, manufactured in Luxembourg by MD Skin Solutions. Designed to help women address issues such as loss of volume, MD Skin Solutions have developed several solutions to help various signs of ageing.

Product Size:

3 x 0.5 ml syringes containing hyaluronic acid fragments and an amino acid complex
What are the benefits of Pluryal Meso I?
Pluryal Meso I can improve skin texture and glow and revitalise and regenerate skin

What does the treatment consist of?
Treatment is 3 phase: The starting phase involves 4 sessions (weekly intervals).
The actual treatment phase involves 2 sessions (monthly intervals).
The maintenance phase involves 1 session every 2-6 months.


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