Buy Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic 1 x 1ml


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Buy Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic 1 x 1ml

Buy Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic Online Wholesale. Perfectha Deep is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel filler is to inject into the deep dermis. Formulated for deep wrinkles and furrows as well as lip augmentation.


Perfectha Deep dermal filler provides optimal results with low injection volume which is easy to inject due to excellent flow properties, this can provide a long-lasting with slow and uniform degradation and hydrating effect on your skin.

Benefits of Perfectha Deep
•Facial contouring
•For the treatment of skin depressions and scarring
•Created facial volume
•Preventd wrinkles
•Increased elasticity and hydration
•Restored elasticity

•Treatment areas: brow furrows, dark circles under the eyes, cheek augmentation, lip contour, lip augmentation, temples, periorbital lines, nose augmentation, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin augementation

•1 x 1ml single use pre-filled syringe
•2 x 27G x 13mm needles


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