Buy Luminera Hydryal 3% 2 x 1.25ml


Size 3×1.25ml
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Country Origin This product is of European origin


Buy Luminera Hydryal 3% 2 x 1.25ml

Buy Luminera Hydryal 3% 2 x 1.25ml online wholesale. Luminera Hydryal 3% is an injectable non-cross link hyaluronic acid clear gel  to enhance skin hydration and restore skin vitality. Improve skin elasticity and achieve a natural glowing look.

The hyaluronic acid in Hydryal is very similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid in its composition.

Hydryal is indicated for: hydro-balance restoration, revitalisation of the skin. Wrinkle reduction, softening facial creases, increasing skin elasticity, retaining skin moisture and enhancing skin radiance.

The Hydryal 3% formula contains 30 mg/ml non-crossed hyaluronic acid to correct superficial lines. Enhance skin elasticity and to improve moisture levels.

Product Size:

Hydryal is provided in a 1.25 ml prefilled graduated syringe.


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