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Buy Jalupro HMW 1 x 1.5ml + 1 x 1ml


Size1×1.5ml + 1x1ml
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Buy Jalupro HMW 1 x 1.5ml + 1 x 1ml

Buy Jalupro HMW filler injection online. Jalupro HMW is a medical device according to Directive EEC/ 93/42 MDD. It is best for the treatment of skin defects and depressions caused by wrinkles and scars. It can also go alongside physical or chemical treatments, such as peeling, laser-therapy and dermabrasion.

Jalupro HMW provides a bio revitalising action in areas where the skin has marks. This can be due to ruts, depressions and deep wrinkles.

Benefits of Jalupro HMW
•Tissutal lubricantion
•Minimises the evidence of skin furrows
•As part of physical or chemical treatments (peeling, laser-therapy, dermobrasion)
•Correction of imperfections and defects of skin tissues
•Increases volume in skins anatomical depressions
•Favouring the normalisation of imperfections.

The package contains a pre-filled syringe (A) containing 20mg of a sterile gel of sodium hyaluronate and a bottle (B) containing 80mg of a sterile solution of amino acid.
Use a sterile needle with standard attack Luer-Lock with normalised connectors.


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