Buy IAL System Duo 1ml



Buy IAL System Duo 1ml

Ial-System DUO is a sterile, light, transparent, monophasic gel based on HA with multiple cross-links, created using the patented MUCH Technology.

Transparent, sterile, monophasic viscous gel.
Total content of HA: 25 mg / ml.
The content of free BDDE: <0.2 ppm.
Bacterial endotoxin: <0.02 EU / mg.
pH 5-7.

Ial-System DUO consists of stabilized HA (concentration 25 mg / ml) and HA-ACP ether (25% of the total volume). It has a dense consistency, while remaining a plastic, elastic and transparent gel. The presence of two types of chemical modification (stabilization of BDDE and ether bond) provides two types of biodegradation of HA, which leads to the following clinical effects:


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