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Buy Amalian SF 14 Natural Lips


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Buy Amalian SF 14 Natural Lips

Amalian SF 14 natural lips (1 x 0.5 ml) has been astoundingly planned to improve the hydration and adaptability of the skin.
Contents: Hyaluronic acid, 1 pre-filled syringe with 0.5 ml.
Concentration: 1.4% (14 mg / ml)
Needle size: 2 pieces with 27G

Functioning to give your skin a more normal and hearty look. It is the hyaluronic acid that serves to continue skin hydration and conveys volume to your skin.
Amalian SF 14 natural lips (1 x 0.5 ml)’s customary amounts of hyaluronic acid divide . Beside as we mature the rate at which we can top up hyaluronic acid reduces significantly.

In along these lines the skin finds the opportunity to be condensed and begins to get dry, acknowledging wrinkles and creases to begin showing.

Results are next to quick and can keep working for whatever length of time up to 1 year. Amalian SF 14 natural lips (1 x 0.5 ml) is blended especially into the skin with a slender needle.


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