Buy Amalian III Expert Volume (1×1.0ml)



Buy Amalian III Expert Volume (1×1.0ml)

Buy Amalian III Expert Volume Online Wholesale. Content: hyaluronic acid, 1 pre-filled syringe with 1.0 ml
Concentration: 2.4% (24 mg / ml)

This product of the Amalian hyaluronic acid system, a highly cross-linked biphasic gel, produces the strongest visco-augmentation with a duration of action of up to 12 months. This gel is suitable for medium to very deep wrinkles, for the treatment of lipodystrophy and for “liquid lifting”. Amalian III expert Volume is injected into the deep dermis and, like all products of the expert product line, should be used in smaller quantities.

24 mg / ml highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid
Indication: wrinkles and volume augmentation, facial deformations,
Skin defects and facial contours
Injection into the deep dermis with a 27G needle
1.0 ml and 2.0 ml syringes

Packaging unit 1 pre-filled syringe with 1.0 ml.

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For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.


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